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How to send messages to your class by email


Use the Send Email menu & click on the Enrolments tab.


 Note: A tutor may only send messages to classes for which they are the tutor - not the wider membership

  • Configure the Email
    • You can reuse messages that you have sent before if, for example, you use a regular form message. To do that use 'Restore previous email:', select the message from 'Please Select' and edit as necessary.
    • In the first text field - , you can add a custom reply-to email address.
      Note: By default, the email will be sent from the PMHU3A's office email address. You should change that to your own email address so that you receive replies members might send.
    • You can add a CC address(es) if required, in the Optional. CC field. Separate each valid address with a semi-colon (;) if you want to add more than one address.
      Note: Check the 'Email the Tutor' box below rather than the "Optional. Replace for a different Reply To address" field if you want a copy sent to yourself.  A copy will go to all tutors for the course.
    • Fill in the Subject field.
    • Fill in the email body.
      Note that you can use mail merge fields in order to personalise the emails.  They are shown at the end of the form under Personalised emails  If you use these fields that must be enclosed in square brackets like [this]. For example 'Hello [preferred_name].  (If the member has not included a preferred_name then [first_name] will be used instead.)
    • If you want to use an email that you have previously sent, you can select from the emails available in the "Restore previous email" drop-down: This will fill the reply-to, subject, and email body fields with the content from the selected previous email.
    • Choose a Course: Choose the class that you want to email. (You can choose from any course that you lead.)
    • By default, the email will not be sent to members who are wait listed for the selected course, or who are enrolled but whose membership is inactive. You can include these people by ticking the appropriate box(es), selecting from "Include Wait Listed", "Send only to Wait Listed", and "Include Inactive". If you include the "Email the Tutor:" box the a copy will be sent to you and any other tutors nominated for the course.
    • If you want to send a copy of the email to yourself, tick Email the leader.
  • Click the Send Enrolment Emails button.
    • You'll see a confirmation message:
    • Check that the details are as expected, including the number of emails to be sent and the information regarding any attachments. Check that there are no error messages included.
    • If everything looks OK, click Yes to confirm and send the email.  Used
    • Be patient. A blank page will be displayed and then a list showing the members to whom the email has been sent. That may take a few minutes to appear.
    • Members without a valid email address will need to be contact by phone or SMS.  Look at the Reports - List enrolments to find those members on your course that have no email address.