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What other functions are available to you?

Having logged in as a tutor what more can I do?

These are the additional functions that the UMAS forms will offer you.

  • List the members that have enrolled in your class or classes.
    • That list will provide you with a list of the names, member numbers, email addresses and phone numbers for each enrolled member.
    • It also reports the recorded COVID 19 vaccination status for each member,
  • Print an attendance list
    • Generally the office at Port Macquarie Hastings U3A will provide that for you
  •  List members, if any, that have sent in an apology and will not be at a course.
  •  Allow you to send an email message to members booked on your course

In fact you can carry out some of same functions such as course bookings or membership renewals for yourself from that UMAS form. But the UMAS4M forms available directly from the main web site pmhu3a.org.au are preferable.

This is the screen that you will see once you have logged in.


The items in the menu that are of importance to you as a tutor are those highlighted. The following notes explain what they do and how to use them.