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Port Macquarie Hastings University of the Third Age (PMHU3A) uses PDF files or Adobe Acrobat files as a common way of presenting documents.  We use PDF extensively to store and present information on all of our sites. 


 When you open a pdf or Acrobat document the top looks like this. You can use the controls on the top to better look at the document.



You can find your way around the document using these controls.


 Referring to the figure

1  Show or Hide an index to the PDF file
2  Search for text in the file
3  Page down or up
 Go to a specific page
 5  Decrease or Increase the page zoom level
6  Select a particular zoom level
7  Switch to full screen presentation mode.
  ESC on your keyboard to leave full screen mode
8  Open a PDF file located on your PC. (Not very useful!)
9  Print a copy of the file.
10  Save a copy if the file to your PC.
11  Open the document in a new window.
12  Select one of many other options
Please remember that articles may be copyright. Do not distribute them without prior approval of the author.