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How to send a message to your class

If you are an active Tutor you can send email messages to your class. But first you need to allow pmhu3a.org.au to open pop ups in the browser of your choice.  You only need to make this change once for the web browser that you use on your PC, smart phone or tablet.  This is not something PMHU3A can do for you.  Precisely  how you make that change will depend on the browser that you use.  You will need to follow the instructions below. 

You need to add this text - https://pmhu3a.org.au - to allow you to send mail to your class.

For example, with the Edge browser:



Use the link below for an explanation with your chosen browser. 

Log on to UMAS

Then, once you have set your browser to allow pop ups you need to log on to UMAS. You can do that using this menu item from our main site. 

 Figure 00

Or you can use this link

Then log on to UMAS

 Figure 05 

Go to Send Emails

Now, once you have logged in, click on 'Send  Emails'.

 Figure 10


Check Browser & Start Email


If you see this screen you have not set your browser to allow pop ups. 

Figure 20

You need to allow pop ups as explained here.

 When  you have logged in having resolved any pop up problems, click on the Enrolments tab
Figure 30

Prepare & Send Your Message


 Figure 40

1 By default any replies to your message will be sent to the office.  You must change that to your own email address. 

2 Use this field to add email addresses of people who are not in your class. For example if you want the office to be able to respond to member queries to this message, include This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3 You must include a subject for your message here. It is compulsory.

4 Use these buttons to format your message. You probably won't find it necessary since most buttons are similar to other editors such as Word  but you can find a detailed explanation of the editor -JCE here.

5 Include your message text here
6 You can use this button to restore a copy of a message that you have sent in the past. Use it to repeat a message or as a model for a new message.

7 Use this button to attach a file or files to your message. You can only send certain types of files. 

      • MS Word files (type doc or docx)
      • MS Excel files (type  xls or xlsx)
      • Adobe Acrobat files (type pdf)
      • Image files (types gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp or png)

8 Use drop down control to pick the course to  which you want to send the message 

Figure 35

9 You can send the message to the class or subsets as you wish by clicking some or all of these check boxes.

      • Include Wait Listed
        Your course may have members waiting for a vacancy.  Check this box to include those members.
      • Send only to Wait Listed
        Similarly, check just this box to send a message only to those members who are wait listed.
      • Include Inactive
        Particularly at the end of the year, some members may be booked on your course before they have renewed their membership. You should check this box to include all members who have booked on your course.
      • Email the Tutor
        Check this box to include a copy of the message to all of the class tutors.  

As a default, to make sure all members booked on or waiting for a place on your course receive a copy of your message, check these boxes.

Figure 45

10 When you are ready, click this button to send the message.  If you have anything wrong - invalid file type or  missing subject -  then you will be warned and need to return and fix the error.

11 Personalised Emails. You can use any of these codes to personalise your message.   The text must be exactly as shown and must be enclosed in [].

For example 

Dear [preferred_name]

and how are things today at your home at [street1],[suburb].  Just checking that your phone number is [phone_home] and mobile [mobile].

 And when you are ready click the [Send Enrolment Emails] button

 Sending your message

You should receive this confirmation message that lists the selections that you have made.

Figure 50

Check that the messages will be sent to those that you intended. Click Yes if OK or No if you want to make some alterations. 

If you select Yes then this progress screen will appear.


Figure 60


You  can watch progress on that screen which will finally show this screen reporting the final delivery state for your message. Check the list of email addresses. Some members may not use email and won't receive your message.  They will have an email address of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you may need to use alternative methods to contact them.

Figure 70


That might take a while depending on how many messages you send and the size of your message plus any attached files.

Remember that this pop up screen will remain open on your PC, tablet or smart phone. You will need to close it and come back to the UMAS site.