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 What is U3A ?

The University of the Third Age is a world-wide organisation in which retired people from all walks of life come together to learn from each other.   Those who wish to do so provide courses and activities and the committee organises special events such as guest speakers and social celebrations.   The title is not to be taken literally as there are no academic entry requirements, qualifications, assignments or awards. The use of the word "university" comes from the medieval concept of a community of scholars who come together to learn from each other.  The "third age" is the age of retirement following the first age of childhood and adolescence and the second age of working and supporting families.

U3A is a community in which teachers learn and learners teach, in a friendly, social atmosphere.

Its purpose is to offer older people an opportunity to use their leisure time to learn and teach together, thus keeping their brains active.  Today there are U3A groups in most cities and towns in Australia.

You can read more about the international U3A movement in Wikipedia here or in Australia  here